Training Assistance

Going back to school isn't easy. The time and expense oftentimes creates hurdles too tough to overcome. Two new programs established in 2021 can help alleviate concerns regarding the costs for qualified participants.

Promise Act Scholarship

This program was enacted by the legislature in early 2021. It covers tuition, books and fees for students enrolled in targeted employment areas. Fort Scott, Neosho and Johnson County Community College are all participating in the program. A complete list of the colleges and the courses covered under this program are available here.

Johnson County Community College Continuing Education Training Funds

Literally thousands of courses have become available for free via the program. Students can access this program based on their own eligibility or via their employer. Businesses can secure an allocation of funds to be used by their existing employees for training. While an individual qualifies on their income, a business is eligible based on demonstrating they were impacted by COVID-19. This includes verifying that the company received EIDL or PPP funds. Or, by demonstrating at least a 20% loss in revenue. 

Fort Scott Community College Fee Waiver

Fort Scott Community College, including the Paola campus, have waived student fees through the summer 2022 session. 

Workforce Training