Spotlight on an Innovative Business

The Spotlight on a Innovative Business is a monthly feature focusing on businesses doing extraordinary things during difficult times. The spotlight is presented in collaboration with Miami County Economic Development, Louisburg Chamber or Commerce, Osawatomie Chamber of Commerce, Paola Chamber of Commerce and Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce. Businesses featured in the Innovative Business Spotlight are nominated by their local chamber of commerce with nominations rotating among communities.

  1. Jan. 2022 - Vohs Pharmacy

Vohs Pharmacy

Celebrating 10 years in business!!

 Vohs Pharmacy

Vohs Pharmacy in Louisburg is working to bring back the hometown pharmacy feeling.

Through technology, hard work and a family atmosphere they are redefining expectations of pharmacies by providing the most innovative prescription and wellness programs available. Using a mobile app, customers can refill medications, set pill reminders, save on medications and access their account. Louisburg area patients may also have their prescriptions delivered for free. 

Owners, Kevin and Cassi Vohs, strive to get to know customers and their medication needs. From long-term care and immunizations to medication adherence and therapy management, Vohs Pharmacy provides the community with more than just pharmacy needs. Kevin Vohs has been Louisburg’s only local pharmacist for 10 years and hopes to continue serving his community for many more years to come.

”January marks 10 years of serving the Louisburg community!,” Kevin said. “Thank you to everyone who has supported our business. We can’t wait for many more years of being your pharmacy.”

Cassie said their committed team of employees makes it easy for them to  integrate the industry’s newest trends.

“We want to thank all of our amazing employees for helping us make our business succeed. It takes a team, and we have an awesome one,” Cassie said.

The couple said serving Louisburg has been a family endeavor that also has required the community’s support.

“Both of our families are our biggest supporters,” Kevin said. “Our children are always understanding what owning a business involves long hours, late nights and weekends. But, we are so thankful our customers also understand and allow us to close early to be there for all of our kiddo’s events.”

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We Believe…in Innovation. - Believe Pest Control

Last yeBelieve Pest Controlar, Jay and Ronda Sloan, bought their house in Spring Hill sight unseen and moved across the country from California. They didn’t know much about Spring Hill but wanted to live closer to the Kansas City metro area near Ronda’s old stomping grounds. The Sloans fell in love with Spring Hill very quickly.

Having worked for two of the largest pest control companies in the world and two small hometown pest control companies, Jay and Ronda had all the experience they needed to start their own business. Their first pest control business was based in California and proved to be very successful. When the idea of moving to Kansas came to light, the pair decided to sell their business before making their trek across the country. Believe Pest Control was formed out of a dream to start a similar business in Kansas that would be based out of their new city. Believe focuses on termite and general pest control.

“We wanted our base to be out of Spring Hill since we live here. We love Spring Hill and want to do what we can to help out our city,” the couple said.

Their innovative focus is on communication and efficiency. Working in different companies within the industry gave them a broad perspective on what works and how innovation could lead to a more efficient and customer focused business. While many small pest control companies operate with just the technician, the Sloans work as an office and technician team to insure for a smooth process from scheduling to appointment and follow up.  Through trial and error, they have developed a system of communication with their clients that is done almost exclusively via text message.

 “We notify our clients, and then the technician can notify us of any real time information which makes the client fully aware of what is going on,” Ronda said.

Their outstanding customer service and love for helping people have allowed them to hit the ground running and build a solid local business in just one year. Believe Pest Control is Spring Hill’s first locally owned pest control company. Believe and the Sloans are great example of seeing a community’s need and filling it by establishing a profitable business.

Believe Pest Control can be reached by phone/text (913.731.6888) or by visiting their website:

Photo credit Todd Riggins, Frozen in Time Photography.  Owner Jay and Ronda Sloan are pictured with SH Chamber Board member, Paige Cuezze, receiving a 1-year business anniversary award at the Chamber Awards Dinner on November 9, 2021.

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Seats Incorporated brings innovation to Spring Hill with their outside-the-box thinking and care for their employees.

Seats Inc. is a seating manufacturer that provides diverse options to a wide variety of applications including industrial trucks, over-the-highway semi-tractors, off-highway equipment, earth moving equipment, military and emergency vehicles. 

Already established in Wisconsin, Seats Inc. expanded their innovative practices to Spring Hill in 2018. They are now one of the largest seat manufacturers in the United States. The company Seats Photo 2utilizes highly advanced polyurethane foam-making machines as well as powder-coating lines, robotic welding stations and built-in communication stations help train employees in their assembly line.

Seats Inc. has also come up with some creative ways to keep their 200 employees happy. Employee satisfaction surveys are conducted frequently in addition to wage increases. They also offer onsite chiropractic services and hope to offer full-service medical clinics, similar to those in their home plant in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. Of course, all work and no play would make for a dull workplace, so Seats Inc. makes sure to inject some fun into their employees’ day.

“There’s a lot of quirky things [Halloween costume and ugly sweater contests] that we’re trying to do to create that family culture that we have up in Wisconsin and trying to incorporate that here,” Tim Stevens, general manager, said. “Seats prides itself on growing people from coming in and working on the shop floor and going to higher levels.” 

In addition to manufacturing seats and caring for their employees, the company also thought outside the box to come up with creative partnerships within the community. Fastenal, a supplier of industrial goods, leases a space inside the facility. That has allowed the Seats Inc. plant to remain stocked as well as supply goods to others in the area. Fastenal also brought personal protective equipment (PPE) vending machines to the plant, allowing employees to remain safe. 

Another innovative partnership came in the form of an unused commercial kitchen at the facility and a pastry chef needing space. Seats Inc. reached out to Lupita’s Kitchen, another Spring Hill business, who was needing room to grow her baked goods venture and offering customers a storefront. In November, Lupita’s Kitchen opened inside the commercial kitchen at the Seats Inc. facility.

“We’re here to stay,” Stevens said. “We’re not a company that hops around to find different opportunities. We’re a growing company in this area that’s doing a lot for their employees.” 

Seats Inc. is currently accepting applications for their Spring Hill plant. To learn more about Seats Inc. or to apply for a job, visit their website at

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