Water Wells

Wells may be used as a private water source when a public water source is not available. The well must be permitted by the environmental health department and must be constructed and sited to state specifications. Wells may be drilled by a licensed driller or a homeowner. In either case, a permit for drilling is required and the well must be recorded with the state after it is drilled. There is no charge for the well construction permit.

Plugging Wells

It is a requirement of county and state regulations that abandoned wells be plugged. A licensed driller or the homeowner must plug the well in accordance with state regulations. The plugging of a well is also recorded with the state.

Record Forms
The required water well record forms to be submitted to the state are available at the environmental health office and the local USDA office at 100 Angela, Paola, Kansas.
Water Well Testing
Find out more information on water well testing, publications, and locations for testing your water well.