Commission District 4

County Commissioner Tyler Vaughan

District 4 covers the city of Spring Hill and Marysville and Ten Mile townships.


  • Commissioner Vaughan was recently elected in November 2018.
  • Tyler and his wife Lisa have resided in the area for over 15 years where they are raising their five children and staying very involved in the community. Lisa homeschools their four children who are still school age. They have a small farm with chickens and goats and love to work in the garden with their kids. 
  • Tyler has worked in the insurance industry for the last 20 years where he consults with large groups on their insurance needs. Tyler and Lisa also own and operate a few small businesses where they build furniture and make all natural products. 
  • Tyler has served in several different elected and appointed positions over the past 15 years. 
    • Spring Hill City Council
    • Spring Hill Planning Commission
    • Volunteer coach through Spring Hill Recreation Center
    • Miami County Economic Development Advisory Board
Commissioner Vaughan's focus as a County Commissioner will be to prepare for the growth that is moving south and act to the best of his ability on the direction of his constituents. He values and welcomes input and will work very hard to ensure the county has a solid plan and actionable goals for the future. It is imperative that we prepare the county for our children and foster a community that they will want to grow with.