Commission District 4

County Commissioner Ron Stiles

District 4 covers the city of Spring Hill and Marysville and Ten Mile townships.


  • Commissioner Stiles has served thirteen years since being elected in November 2004.
  • Ron and his wife Connie's children attended Spring Hill High School. Ron and Connie lost their son Nathan from head injuries in a football game, October 2010. Ron also has four grown children.
  • Commissioner Stiles is the owner of Spring Hill Oil and serves on the Board of Directors for the State Bank of Spring Hill.
  • Ron has been active and served on many local and countywide activities and organizations:
    • Miami County Economic Development Board
    • Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce
    • County Economic Research Institute
    • Spring Hill Recreation Commission
    • Fire District Board
    • Cemetery Board
    • Various Ad Hoc Quality of Life Committees