Meeting Protocol

Scheduled Meetings and Attendance Protocol
The board of county commissioners meet in open, regular session in the commission chambers located on the first floor of the administration building on Wednesday's at 1:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted or announced.

From time to time the board of county commissioners meet in study sessions. These sessions may be held before or after a regular commission meeting, or at a separate date and time. The purpose of a study session is to allow adequate time for staff reports and commission discussion and review of specific public policies and issues. All meetings are open to the public and news media representatives. No formal action is taken at a study session, but matters reviewed at a study session may be acted on at a later formal county commission meeting. Study sessions are most frequently held in the commission conference room located in Suite 200 on the second floor of the administration building.

  • All persons attending a formal meeting of the board of county commissioners are requested to sign the attendance sheet as they enter the meeting room. Please print your name and address on the sign in sheet.
  • Turn all cellular telephones, pagers, beepers, and other noise-making devices off or to "silent mode" before the meeting begins.
  • Please avoid "side" conversations while the meeting is in session. Exit the meeting session should you wish to converse with others.
  • The board welcomes your attendance at their meetings. Please arrive on time, and should you wish to leave prior to the end of the meeting you are encouraged to do so with minimal disruption.
Addressing Comments to the Board
When addressing the board of county commissioners at a formal meeting session:

  • Always speak from the podium, using the microphone. Only one speaker should be at the podium at a time.
  • Please state your full name, complete address, and group affiliation (if any) the first time you speak at the meeting. Repeat your name each time you return to the podium.
  • The citizen comment period at the beginning of each business meeting provides a forum for residents to address the board on matters involving business related to Miami County but which does not appear on the agenda. Please limit your remarks to items that directly affect the county's programs or services.
  • Please limit your comments so as not to exceed five minutes. In the event of extensive audience participation, the board may further limit speaking times so everyone has an opportunity to address the board during the meeting.
  • The commission chair may provide additional guidelines for citizen comment during public hearings as appropriate.
  • If you have printed information or other documentary materials to present to the board, please give them to the secretary of the board for distribution and inclusion in the board's journal of proceedings.
  • If you are hearing impaired and require the services of an interpreter, please contact the county counselor call one of the following no later than 5:00 p.m. of the Wednesday preceding the meeting to have service provided.
    • Sign Lines: (913) 403-0001
    • Interlink Plus: (913) 422-1601
    • Deaf Accessibility: (913) 477-8108
    • Deaf Expression: (913) 422-3323
Agenda Item Consideration/Presentation
Public interest/concern items that cannot be adequately addressed in the citizen comment portion of the board of county commission meeting may be placed under the heading of new business as appropriate.

Items for consideration for the upcoming meeting are to be submitted to the office of the county administrator by noon the Wednesday of the preceding week.  Any printed information or documentary materials to be presented to the board should ac-company the submission.  Please provide the original documents and nine copies for inclusion in commission agenda packets.