Silver Lining Herefords

Gerald and Marlyn Silvers
Silver Lining Herefords
8435 W 295th St  Louisburg, KS    66053  (913) 375-2931
We are located on a gravel road.

We are a small farm-family operation that has produced registered Herefords for 50 years. Farm is all in grass with some timber and a live stream. Our children are fifth generation to live on this property which was purchased as part of a larger tract from the Indians by Marlyn's great grandparents.

On Farm Tour weekend, you can expect: We always have an animal in a blocking chute for all to see and touch. We will have cows, calves, steers and a bull to see up close. We can explain what and how they are fed and cared for. We"ll tour by our working chute, scale and sorting pens. We welcome all questions. If our tour staff can't answer them, see Marlyn or I and we'll take a stab at them.