Miami County Jail Project

The Miami County sheriff’s office and jail were constructed in 1967. The jail facility originally consisted of a main jail with 42 beds and office space for the sheriff, four deputies and one jailer. The jail is now capable of holding 20 inmates due to increased safety standards. The five year daily peak jail population has been as low as 14 and as high as 56. Currently the sheriff boards upwards of 20 inmates, per day, in other counties because of the limitations of the facilities. Staffing for the sheriff’s office and jail in 2014 is 45 full time employees, eight part-time employees, and six reserve deputies.

It was recognized by board of county commissioners and the sheriff that a remedy to fix the ever growing problems with the existing sheriff’s office and jail facility was needed. A jail planning study was completed in 2006 by Shaughnessy, Fickel & Scott Architects. In addition, Goldberg, Sullivan & McCrerey Architects completed a jail assessment in 2010, followed by a study completed by Treanor Architects in 2011 to access the potential of renovating the existing jail. The board also appointed a 20 member Jail Task Force Committee, in an advisory capacity, to make recommendations to the board for jail facility improvements. It was the recommendation of said committee that a new detention facility was needed.

In April of 2013, although a site had not yet been selected, county residents passed a ¼ cent sales tax to fund the creation of a new detention center and all things related thereto. The board began to narrow the search for a location of the new detention facility with final consideration given to a Greenfield site, the existing jail site, a location south or east of the administration building, and a site northwest of the county courthouse. An architectural site study was completed by Zimmerschied Architecture to analyze the plausibility of each site.

Following a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Architectural Services, the board of county commissioners entered into an architectural contract agreement with Goldberg Group and Associates in June of 2014 for the design of the new jail facility, and a final site was selected for the new detention facility in August. Architectural design work ensued and by February of 2015 the board entered into a construction manager at-risk contractual agreement with Loyd Builders for the construction of the new facility.