Timber View Farms Alpacas

Brad and Becky Ryckert
Timber View Farm Alpacas
14713 W 311th St.  Paola, KS    66071  (509) 750-7401
beckyryckert@gmail.com     www.timberviewfarmalpacas.com 

Home to 24 Huacaya alpacas, llamas, and a whole bunch of other farm animals.  We will be shearing our alpacas this weekend.   Watch the shearing process, feel how soft the fiber is and learn more about these interesting animals.  We will also be featuring fiber spinning demonstrations.  Come visit our farm, meet our animals and see the start to finish process of taking fiber off the animals, spinning it into yarn, and the final finished products.   Alpaca fiber is softer than cashmere, warmer than wool and lasts a lifetime.  We will also have the Bull Creek BBQ food truck serving lunch.  Come visit, you will be glad you did.

On Farm Tour weekend, you can expect: We will be shearing our herd of alpacas this weekend.  We are a little different as we shear our animals on a table versus the ground. It is like a spa day for the alpaca. We give them a haircut, trim their nails, teeth if needed, and vaccinations. The entire process takes about 30 minutes per animal. Demonstrations will be conducted throughout the day with occasional breaks and for lunch. You will be amazed at how soft the fiber is and how skinny the alpacas look after they are sheared.  They feel so much better after getting their thick winter coat off.