Strategic Plan

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In 2019, the department began working with Ady Advantage to craft an economic development plan for the county. The project included an on-site analysis that leveraged primary research  with area employers, stakeholders, and other key community leaders. It also involved an evidenced-based approach to economic development that recruited a variety of data sources that resulted in market focused research, an economic base analysis, target industry analysis, and an analysis of primary data.
The overall plan was supported by a goals and strategy session that provided stakeholders the opportunity to provide input and feedback related to economic development.
A draft of that plan’s final report is available here with a list of the proposed strategies available here. Members of the Ady Advantage team provided a final report to the Miami County Commissioners May 6. Audio from that meeting is available here, and the slides are available here.

Goals for future

COVID Rapid Response Data

As the pandemic begin in the region, Miami County wanted to take a quick assessment of the region’s economic vulnerability. Ady Advantage built upon the strategic plan to evaluate job postings and existing businesses by industry type. A copy of the summary report is available here.