Spotlight on an Innovative Business

The Spotlight on a Innovative Business is a monthly feature focusing on businesses doing extraordinary things during difficult times. The spotlight is presented in collaboration with Miami County Economic Development, Louisburg Chamber or Commerce, Osawatomie Chamber of Commerce, Paola Chamber of Commerce and Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce. Businesses featured in the Innovative Business Spotlight are nominated by their local chamber of commerce with nominations rotating among communities.

  1. Jan. 2021 KRS Corporation
  2. Dec. 2020 - Seats Inc.
  3. Nov. 2020 - One Way Deliveries
  4. Oct. 2020 - On Point Catering
  5. Sept. 2020 - Social: Managed.
  6. August 2020 - BlackHawk Apartments
  7. July 2020 - Be Well Spa

Tucked away just off Broadway in downtown Louisburg is a company whose only limits are the limits of the owner’s imagination.

Welcome to 107 S. Broadway and KRS Corporation, a company that opened in 2004 manufacturing products for retail, restaurants and movie theater environments. 

Kevin Stoops is the man with the imagination and the company currently holds more than 25 patents on various products.

“We manufacture products used in the restaurant and theater induKRS Corporationstry. We offer some over-the-counter products but the majority of our products are of our own design.”

Stoops has worked in the electronics design industry for decades and when he moved to the area working for a restaurant company in the IT department. He combined his two backgrounds and created a Kitchen Display System (KDS) generic keypad for uses on virtually any restaurant kitchen management system regardless of system type. In the restaurant the keypads are called Bump Bars. KDS helps workers maintain order accuracy and KRS Bump Bars are the tools they interact with. KRS Bump Bars are used in many large chain restaurants around the world down to your local QuikTrip kitchens.

It wasn’t long into his business venture that Stoops’ imagination was growing faster than his available work space. Living just outside Louisburg, Stoops looked local and found a building suitable for his needs in the downtown area in a former grocery store. 

Stoops didn’t let the COVID-19 pandemic slow him or his employees down. He turned his skills to creating the Tough Shield, a protective desktop shield, sneeze and cough guard. His design is simple to use, extremely clear, flexible, has a pass-through opening of 10” x 4” and is free standing or comes with optional feet. 

The products developed by KRS Corporation to serve needs during the pandemic lies at the heart of Stoops’ advice in starting a business.

“It’s going to be a lot of hard work and take a lot of patience.  You must know your market. Know what you are selling. Know who you will be selling to. Plan ahead, be ready to expand and adjust as needed.”

 All things Stoops and his team have done in 2020.