CARES Act Funding

Miami County has been awarded about $6.8 million by the State of Kansas to assist with local response and recovery during the Covid-19 pandemic. The funds will be split into two areas with an initial portion to be reserved by the county to directly reimburse jurisdictions for local response to the pandemic. Once those numbers are finalized, the remaining funds will be distributed by the county to other initiatives involving COVID-related expenses.

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On the state level, Governor Laura Kelly has created the Office of Recovery and the Strengthening People and Revitalization Kansas (SPARK) task force. An overview of how the state's process will work is provided here. The county commissioners must submit their plan to the state by Aug. 15. All funds must be expended by Dec. 30, 2020.

Members of the Miami County Commission targeted five key areas for consideration for future funding. They include workforce development and business stabilization, education, digital access, human and family services, and housing assistance. A "strike team" was formed to focus on each topic. Team membership consisted of local residents, businesses and subject matter experts. 

Miami County hired a consulting group from the University of Kansas to facilitate the teams and gather local input on how the funds will be spent. A survey was also deployed to gather public input about the process. During the week of July 27, about 100 strike team members participated in meetings to generate ideas for the county commissioners to consider. About 30 proposals were crafted with funding estimates topping $11 million -- almost double the amount of funds anticipated to be available.  

Final decisions regarding funding will be made during upcoming county commission meetings. Information about those meetings can be found in their agenda center.

Strike Team proposed projects:

Strike Team background materials:

Localized economic data of the pandemic's impact 

Best Practice Examples

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