Elected Officials
Miami County voters elect a five-member board of county commissioners. Commissioners serve as full-time county officials and meet in regular session once each week. The board performs both executive and legislative functions and is responsible for policy decisions. In addition to the board of county commissioners, voters separately elect a county clerk, county treasurer, county register of deeds, county sheriff, and county attorney.
Miami County Courthouse
Erected in 1898, the Miami County Courthouse, made of pressed brick, a foundation of Carthage Limestone, oak interior, and a slate roof with a tower extending to a height of 115 feet, is home to the 6th Judicial District Court and the county attorney's office. In the early 1970's, the courthouse underwent a major remodeling to modernize its interior while preserving its integrity and landmark stature.
County Administration Building
Administration Building
To meet the rapid growth of Miami County a new administration building was built directly across the street (east) from the courthouse. The administration building houses the offices of the community development, county commission, county administrator, county clerk, county treasurer, county register of deeds, county appraiser, administrative services and economic development. Additional county facilities include the county sheriff's office/jail, EMS, community health, and the road and bridge department.
Our Mission
  • To provide the community with quality professional services and effective use of resources through responsive, interactive and progressive government;
  • To safeguard community trust and funding; and
  • To promote and enhance the highest possible quality of life while respecting individual rights and dignity.
Our Vision
To be recognized as a quality service provider

Guiding Principle
Promote economic and social development along with sustainable management of resources.
Effective representation of the county's interests.
Open and accessible local government.
Progressive and innovative in response to residents' needs.
Local involvement in decision making.
Excellence in the provision of service.