State Incentives

  • High Performance Incentive Program - This program provides tax incentives to eligible employers that pay above-average wages and are committed to skills development for their workers. Eligible companies may receive sales tax exemption and corporate income tax credit up to 10% of their investment as well as credit for training expenditures..
  • Kansas Industrial Retraining Program (KIR) - The KIR job retention program provides grants to restructuring companies whose employees are likely to be displaced due to obsolete or inadequate job skills or knowledge. This program assists restructuring companies wanting to retrain their employees. At least one existing employee must be trained to qualify for assistance.
  • Kansas Industrial Training Program (KIT) - The KIT program provides funds to help new and expanding companies train workers for new jobs. Primary firms receiving assistance are manufacturing, distribution and regional or national service firms adding five or more new jobs.
  • Registered Apprenticeship - The Registered Apprenticeship program is designed to provide employers with a skilled workforce while training existing workers in the latest technologies without loss of production time.