Selling to Local Governments

Miami County's cities, school district and county government know local businesses provide jobs and generate much of the tax dollars needed for them to provide the region's services. As strong corporate citizens, many Miami County businesses also make corporate contributions to the programs and activities that support our region's high quality of life.

A common vendor registration form has been created for use by several jurisdictions. You can complete the form and submit it to the local jurisdiction. Or, return it to Miami County Economic Development, 201 S Pearl Suite 202, Paola, KS 66071. It will then be shared with the cities of Fontana, Louisburg, Osawatomie, Paola and Spring Hill along with the Louisburg, Paola, Osawatomie and Spring Hill school districts. Miami County government will also be provided the information.

While in a perfect world, all of the products and services needed would be available locally. Reality is, that is in the case in some scenarios. Specialty items, unique services and various buying consortiums may make buying local difficult.

Competitive pricing, quality products and services, and responsive customer service are major factors weighed by buyers. 

Questions You May Want to Ask Buyers

  • Do I need any special business licenses or certifications?
  • Are there bonding requirements?
  • Are there liability insurance requirements?
  • What type of bidding process do you use: Request For Proposal, Request For Qualifications, Invitation For Bid
  • What is your fiscal year?
  • Are the products or services I offer purchased regularly or intermittently? Is there an annual cycle?
  • How are your purchasing needs advertised?
  • How many bids do you need to receive?
  • Do you do best-value contracting or strictly price-base purchasing?
  • Do you have any set-aside requirements for minority-owned businesses?
  • Do you have a preferred vendors list? Can I be placed on that list?
  • Is the bidding done online?
  • Do I need to register with the online procurement page? Is there a cost?
  • What are the quality control, quality assurance policies of your municipality?
  • What are your terms for payment?
  • Is there any possibility for money down prior to delivery of a product or service?
  • What are your warranty requirements?
  • Does a product need to be exactly what is specified in terms of brand name, or will you take “like or better” qualified products?
  • Are any security clearance or background checks required for an individual to work at your facility?
  • What insurance coverage do I need to work at your facility?

Resource Providers

No matter how it may feel, you are not in this alone. If you need assistance, please consider reaching out to any of these resources.

Purchasing Contacts